Slender will play Indie Week in Toronto! 

Slender got its ticket to this year's prestigious Indie Week event held in Toronto between Nov 7th and Nov 12th, 2017. We will perform at least one show in the great city! We'll provide more updates as we get them!

More details here.

Slender radio interview on 97,1 FM (La Radio en Haute-Mauricie) 

Tune in to FM 97,1 at 4pm as Claudia Martel interviews us. Do not miss it! Listen live here:

On sera en entrevue à 16h sur les ondes de FM 97,1 avec Claudia Martel. Manquez pas ça! Écoutez en direct ici:

'Revival' reviewed by AC Rock Reviews!  

Genre: Traditional Rock/ Soft Rock 

‘Revival’ is the debut album from Montreal based Rock group, Slender, and is clearly determined to captivate the Rock community through the opening track, ‘Dig Deep’. Vivid feelings of powerful Traditional Rock flow confidently from this bold statement of an opener as it fades into the following track, ‘Different Devil’. In comparison to ‘Dig Deep’, this track is notably more upbeat thanks to the increased tempo as well as the stunning vocals. As this stage the vocals are really given the opportunity to explore their capabilities as they successfully inject conviction into both ‘Different Devil’, and ‘The Moment’. 
As ‘Revival’ impresses with an amazing introduction it capitalises on the built momentum and continues to inspire the listener with ‘Undone’. The slowed tone and deepened narrative within the compelling vocals gift ‘Undone’ with the chance to easily lift this entire album to new summits of delivery and execution. Upbeat tones persist on ‘Revival’ through the acoustic tinted and influenced ‘Ebony’. Sheer excellence comes pouring from this passionate, heartfelt Soft Rock track s it puts all its emotion on the line, to come away as a stunning track.  
The awe and compassion of ‘Ebony’ clearly plays a huge role on the album as some of its character and awe echo on in ‘Like I Do’, yet another outstanding track to add to Slender’s collection. Slender have shown us so far that they hold the traditional values of Rock close to their heart, as this is generally reflected in their music, but more than ever in the astounding ‘Another Life’. During this performance, the otherworldly talent of each individual member of Slender collaborates majestically to conjure up an incredible song. 
As ‘revival’ starts to draw to its end, the enigmatic ‘Forgive Me’ reinstates a sense of velocity and fire into the core of the album with catchy Rock riffs and an atmospheric presence. The penultimate song, ‘Apology’, traces the same guidelines and blueprints which have been perfected by the previous songs on the album in superb fashion, upholding the standard of ‘Revival’ in the process. ‘Last Goodbye’ takes on an interesting approach as the slowest song on the album, generating a suitable environment for a calm, tranquil finale. Overall, it is difficult to fault ‘Revival’ as it is truly an amazing album which is alarmingly underrated. In ways, this release reminds me of some material by the likes of Art of Dying and even Creed at stages; but there is still no denying that this is a unique, original and (above all else) great album. 

Review Rating: 9

By: AC Rock Reviews

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